Little Affirmations Insight Pack

Little Affirmations Insight Pack


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Be Good to Yourself: Nurture your heart with these self-affirming, daily reminders that are designed to deliver gentle guidance and support. Use these cards to echo the wise voice within and connect with the trust, insight and beauty that is always available to you. Keep them with you as a faithful companion, and watch how these messages of loving kindness bring you home to your true self.

Joyful Abundance: Open your world to a fresh flow of abundance with these manifesting cards. Use them daily to amplify the wealth, worthiness and wellness in your life and transform your inner beliefs into positive, purposeful ones. Each card is a joyous portal into a new way of being; a mantra that connects you to the infinite flow of goodness in the universe. Use them often and watch your life flourish.

Divine Guidance: Divination Cards are a life tool that offers insight, spiritual guidance, and a pathway to enhanced self-reflection.They provided us with a resolution to honour our own heart and trust our intuition. Use every day to feel inspired and to remind you of something you may need to know. Simply ask a question or let the answer come to you through our angels and guides.

Love and Light: These soulful, everyday oracle cards have been made to connect you deeply to the infinite and intuitive worlds within you. They are a creative way of enriching your day with messages of light and love from the universe. Each card inspires a new way of living consciously and imaginatively in alignment with your soul.

The Power is Yours: A brand new addition to the range of Sixth Sense Insight Cards. Featuring the uplifting words of Paula Finn across 56 cards to encourage self-awareness and growth.

Happi Cards: A set of positive affirmation cards that can be used daily to inspire us to stay positive and change negative mindsets.

Written and designed by the wonderfully talented Frances Mary Verbeek, Happi Cards are a palm-sized deck of 57 cards, designed to shift your perspective to a happy one and make use of that limitless well of knowing we all have inside. Happi Cards provide an excellent excuse to spend a precious five quiet minutes with yourself each day, allowing you to plug back into the source and recharge your soul batteries. Stick your favourite card on the bathroom mirror, car dashboard, in the wallet, or post to a friend. Use Happi Cards for inspiration in any of life’s situations

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