Whispering Angels Spiritual Divination Gift Cards

Whispering Angels Spiritual Divination Gift Cards


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Divination cards are a life tool that offers profound insight and heartfelt guidance and a pathway to a more illuminated life.

They provide us with the strength and character to keep moving forward and the resolution to trust our intuition.

Simply have your cards by your bedside and ask a question to receive messages from your guides and angels.

Each card holds an original and positive mantra to help you find purpose. They can be part of a daily ritual, after meditation, yoga, before bed or in group conversations.

Range Little Affirmations - Spiritual
Paper Eco-friendly, wood free matt paper
Designer Affirmations Publishing House
Dimensions 115mm (L) x 80mm (W) x 30mm (H)
Number Of Quotations Cards 24
Format Gift set of 24 cards in a variety of themes


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