About Us

 We all experience our share of good times and bad times and life can bring some exciting changes. 

Life can be challenging at times. We might be time poor, juggling workplace pressures, feeling a little low or simply not getting a good night sleep. It might be a friend in need of encouragement or it’s simply ourselves in need of some self-care.
Everyone on this planet at some point is dealing with something.
Purpose and Intent is packed full of products to help you feel good. A little reminder to de-stress, return to calm or something to inspire the spirit.
It might be the gift of a beautiful bracelet with an inspiring message, a little essential oil to de-stress, a soothing salt scrub or a healing crystal for inner balance.
We believe in the power of nature to heal the body and the power of the mind to inspire.
Our purpose is to spread a little happiness – something that helps you feel good or to remind someone they matter. That someone cares.

That good things – lovely things – DO happen.

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